Cop My Look: Fall Formal

Everyday I learn more and more that I have a unique perspective on formal dressing. I’ve come to embrace this part of my personal style that brings me confidence in wearing pieces rich in colour rather than traditional black.  Although classically timeless,  black can be too basic and harsh at times, which is why I tend to gravitate towards colour trends suitable for the season.

I chose this muted grey that is perfect in helping us transition into autumn. A small variation to black, grey gives your look a softer approach and a warmer texture. It’s enough to stand out but not cause a scene. Then again,  I’m usually the one standing out of the crowd and I’m perfectly fine with that.  (TopMan Blazer $115 CAD, Top $30 CAD, Trousers $56.50 CAD, Yeezy Shoes $200 USD)

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin

Cop My Look: Everyday Denim

As I march to the beat of my own drum this fall, I keep my head up high with this two piece denim ensemble from Zara for only $80 CAD, along with a little help from these beige suede Chelsea boots from Aldo for $150 CAD.

Denim, in all its iconic glory, has always been one of my favourite textiles because of its unique ability to adapt to every style imaginable. Whether it’s a Saturday night dinner with friends or a quick trip to the mall denim is unmistakably the stable in every modem wardrobe.

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin

Cop My Look: Matching Sets

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, the truth is they’ve managed to create a fashion footprint deep enough to influence the masses.  Ever since Kanye West launched his Yeezy empire, it seems as though everyone has been trying to get their hands on a piece from the OH SO expensive label.

Being a budget conscious shopper myself, I scored this Yeezy inspired two  piece ensemble from Zara for a total of $56 CAD (Top $19.99, Bottoms $35.99). Paired comfortably with my oxford stone boots, I think I did Kanye proud with this one.

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin

The 101 On Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? I needed to find out for myself this summer and so decided to transform my course dark mane into golden locks.

I did my fair bit of research before I committed to any one process and discovered that the help of a professional is the best option for those (like me) who have naturally dark hair. They know timing, tones and things to avoid better than any DIY project I could subject myself to.

Here’s what they’ve taught me: be mindful of the date you’re going blonde; make sure your hair is dirty for 2 to 3 days without washing to prevent scalp irritation. After you’ve taken the plunge,  toss the shampoo; shampooing strips away all of the natural oils in our hair so instead stick to a blue/ purple based conditioner that will also aid in your blonde taking a turn for the worst. Take advantage of added oils like coconut oil and shea butter. Finally, upkeep of this look is costly and has the potential to be very damaging if you’re not properly caring for your hair in between treatments. For hair health and the well being of your bank account, take a break every once in a while to let your hair relax au natural.

So, do blondes really have more fun?  Who knows, but we can look good trying to find out!

marketing support: Alexandra Russo

Cop My Look: Bomber Jackets

I have this obsession with palm trees so when I saw this Saint Laurent inspired bomber at Zara, it goes without saying that it was love at first sight. Reasonably priced at $89.90 CAD, I couldn’t leave the store without it. It’s the perfect, light-weight jacket to throw over any summer ensemble. Cool breeze swaying through the trees, I’m ready for you.

SAINT LAURENT: Teddy Jacket in Beige, Red, Yellow and Black Palms at Sunset Printed Viscose

 marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography:

Lust List: March 2016

1. LuMee Light-up iPhone Case via LUMEE.COM $54.95 CAD

2. Dior Abstract Sunglasses, Green 00F9S $540 CAD

3. Yeezy Boosts 350, Oxford Tan via ADIDAS.COM $200 CAD

4. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr via KORAORGANICS.COM

5.Yeezy Season 1 Brown & Green Camouflage Trenchcoat via SSENSE.COM $3145 CAD

6. Bottega Veneta Desert Boot in Toffee Suede via BOTTEGAVENETA.COM $820 US

Cop My New Years Look: TopMan

With all the holiday festivities pressing on, I feel the crescendo of New Years Eve pressuring me to find the perfect outfit.

So as always when I’m in a pinch, I hit up some of my fave go-to stores.  My first choice was this matching outfit from TopMan – I didn’t want to wear a traditionally cut suit, which is why I opted for a two piece instead.  I still wanted it to be formal, with a sense of elegance for the dinner hour, yet it needed to be comfortable enough to party all night! Remember you don’t have to compromise on either – you can have it all.

To you and yours,  all the best for a happy and prosperous 2016. Cheers!!!

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin

What’s In My Bag?

I cannot stress how important it is to properly care for your skin. A healthy glow surpasses any outfit, which is why I gravitate towards organic products rich in nutrients for a flawless complexion. After ample research I began my skin care regiment using Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr – a phenomenal choice I couldn’t be more pleased with. It’s been a month now and the three step dry/normal set is keeping my skin well hydrated. The rose water toner is a great after shave, and just let me tell you how much I love the duality of the day and night cream. For a bit more TLC try Kiehl’s under eye avocado cream. I’ve been using this for a few years now and its always been a great go-to for a soft and fresh feeling.

Listen up, for anyone who has extremely thick or curly hair! LayRite is the best hair styling pomade.  Whenever I am having a bad hair day, this product always comes to the rescue. It holds all day, doesn’t flake and washes out easily.  Did I mention it smells like oranges? Definitely worth a try! Most importantly, remember that all skin and hair types are different and may require you to finesse your routine to a custom fit; so read the labels, talk to professionals do what’s right  for your specific needs.

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin

Cop My Look: Street Style

Sometimes I just let my clothes do the talking for me, and so with the cooler air and darker days creeping up on us, it’s clear my wardrobe wants comfortable and casual. For a day out with friends in Toronto, I’ve fallen to my olive green TopShop bomber paired casually with my favourite All Saints jeans.  My Janoski’s, Wang backpack and suede American Apparel cap give this look the right amount of edge with the perfect amount of ease.

marketing support: Alexandra Russo photography: Max Kopanygin